Frequently Ask Questions:


What cities do you service?

Gary’s Cleaning Services are based on the Peninsula, servicing San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Cities include Daly City, South San Francisco, Millbrae, San Bruno, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo, Foster City, Belmont, San Carlos, Redwood City, Woodside, Menlo Park, Portola Valley, Palo Alto, Atherton, Los Altos, and more!

What are your hours?

Monday – Saturday from 8:00 –5:00.

What will it cost?

Estimates are free! Simply call Gary to schedule your estimate by calling 650-591-6037.

Do I have to be home for you to give an estimate?

No! Gary will call you to let you know when he will arrive, but it is not necessary to be present.

Do I have to be home when workers are present?

It’s up to you! We work with each customer’s preference. We do need access to the inside for window washing, but we can arrange that with you ahead of time and lock-up when we leave. Or if you prefer to be present but are not available Mon-Fri during the day, Gary’s Cleaning Services are also offered on Saturdays.

Do you use subcontractors or have your own staff?

All of my crew members are permanent employees, using company tools and driving company vans. I do not use subcontractors. I do all of the estimates myself. Jordan and Francisco have been with me for several years. All employees are bilingual.

Are you licensed and insured? What if someone gets hurt on my premise?

We are all licensed and insured. I provide workers’ comp for each of my employees, so you are not liable should something happen. (In over 4 decades, we have never had a claim.) We emphasize safety at Gary’s Cleaning Services, and follow OSHA guidelines for all health and safety standards. Our Certificate of Liability Insurance is also available upon request.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards at this time. Cash or check only please.Who should I make my check out to?

Please make checks payable to: Gary’s Cleaning Services.

When do I pay for services?

Payment is expected upon completion of service.

Do you only do window washing for houses? What about apartments?

We specialize in residential homes, but we also do individual apartments! If you are a building manager or landlord, we do offer cleaning services for one and two-story apartment complexes. We do not clean commercial buildings or skyscrapers.


Do you only do windows?

We wash all types of windows, as well as skylights, French doors, chandeliers, light fixtures, mirrors, leaded or stained glass, awnings and solar panels. In addition to window washing, Gary’s Cleaning Services also provides gutter cleaning and power washing services for your home’s exterior walls, driveway, walkways, decks and patios. We also do our best to accommodate any special requests that you might have.

How often do I need to get my windows cleaned? Do you offer any discounts for more frequent services?

While recommended frequency can depend partially on your geographical landscape, it also depends on your personal standards for clean windows. Some of my customers only have their windows washed semi-annually or annually, while others prefer to have their windows cleaned quarterly or before a special event such as a dinner party. I do offer discounts for cleaning on a more frequent basis.

Can I have just the exterior of my windows cleaned?

Yes, we can accommodate your request. However, we strongly encourage you to have both the inside and outside of your windows cleaned. We can wash just the exterior, but if there are smudges or cobwebs on the inside of the window, the result is not the same. As part of Gary’s Cleaning Services, we wash the full window – inside and out, as well as the screens and sills. Having both the interior and exterior of your windows cleaned is going to leave them truly spotless and let the most light into your home!

Do you treat mold and mildew from my windows?

Yes, our meticulous hand-washing technique removes mold and mildew as well as accumulated dirt and cobwebs! Using a window brush, lamb’s wool applicator, squeegee, and terry cloth we methodically wash and dry each individual pane and window component.

My home is new. Will cleaning my windows cause another mess inside?

When we enter your home, we ensure cleanliness every step of the way. We have tarps to protect your floors – both carpeting and hardwood, and booties to wear over our shoes.


Why do I need to get my gutters cleaned?

Regular gutter cleaning is an important part of preventative maintenance. Debris like leaves, pine needles, and dirt will clog your gutters if left to accumulate. When it rains, water collects and rusts the gutters and downspouts. Corroded gutters are very expensive to replace and regular maintenance will save you money in the long-run. Additionally water overflow from clogged gutters can damage your home’s roof, siding and potentially even the foundation.

How often do I need to get my gutters cleaned?

Gutter cleaning is often done annually, although properties with significant foliage may want to consider more frequent cleanings.


What is power washing?

Power washing uses a pressurized water system to remove hard- to-get dirt and debris from surfaces such as concrete, brick, aluminum siding, etc.

Won’t power washing cause damage to my siding or patio?

No! In fact, power washing does just the opposite! Our mobile pressurized water units have different “tips” which allow us to control flow and power, making it safe to use on multiple surfaces.

I’m getting my house painted? Should I have it cleaned before or after?

It’s important to power wash your exterior home BEFORE painting in order to clean the surface so paint will adhere properly. This also helps extend the life of the paint job.


Do you offer housecleaning services?

We offer housecleaning services on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. We also offer cleaning services for move-outs. Please call for details and availability.